Ref Smart College Baseball Action Clock Timer (Updated for 2023)

Can be used for Football, Baseball, & Lacrosse

SKU: FB-2560


Product Details

Baseball Update: Timers will be updated for the 2023 NCAA baseball rules.

  • Easily time the NCAA Action Pitch Clock
  • Clips to your belt
  • Easy to use in all weather conditions. Unlike a wrist watch there are no tiny buttons
  • Simple click toggle switch
  • Provides silent warning vibrations to eliminate distractions
  • 3 1/4" x 2 3/8" x 1 1/16"

2023 Updated Pitch Clock Timer

  • Toggle down for 20 second pitch clock
  • Warning vibration after 10 seconds
  • Final vibration after 20 seconds

Between Innings Timer

  • Toggle up for 120 seconds between innings
  • First warning vibration with 30 seconds remaining
  • Second warning vibration with 15 seconds remaining
  • Final vibration after 120 seconds

    For complete timer instructions CLICK HERE

    For Instructions to set your timer to a different function CLICK HERE


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    Questions & Answers


    Ask a Question
    • Can this timer be programmed to be used for new High School Football timing requirements as well as College Baseball

      Yes.  There are instructions on the product page indicating how to do so.

    • For NCAA baseball, there are instances when the timer needs to be paused, but not reset (ex. in between innings warmup pitch goes to backstop and HP does not notice because attending to another matter, etc). Does device have ability to be paused, but not reset?

      It does not pause, just resets. However, the scenario you are describing is extremely rare. You could just use your judgement as to how much longer you want to extend the time between innings to allow for the 5 pitches. If you felt you needed to "time" the extension you could flip to the other timer after the 2 minutes. For example, if you want to add :15 seconds... after the 2 minute timer is done you could start the action clock timer and use the first warning vibration as your guide.

    • Can this software be updated if the NCAA changes their timing rules?

      For the most part yes...It would just depend on what the changes are, but we should be able to adapt to any changes.

    • New clock time is 10 seconds for batter to be in box not 15 is this set to that rule. That way it can be used for ncaa softball

      Yes, these timers are updated for the 2023 NCAA baseball rules.

    • With the new 20 second rule clock for NCAA baseball does it have where it will let you now when 10 seconds are left.

      We are working with Refsmart to have the capability to reprogram these timers.  Stay tuned and visit for any current updates.

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