Set of 2 Midland Radios with Transparent Security Headsets



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  • 22 Channel Compact Belt Clip Radios by Midland
  • Use AAA Batteries or the Included Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Charging Station Included
  • Each set of 2 also includes transparent low profile earpiece
  • Push to Talk Microphone easily clips to the zipper placket on your shirt.
  • If you are working in a crew of 5 we recommend you use the 6th radio for the game clock operator.
  • These are sold in sets of 2. Choosing qty. 1 below will get you 2 radios, 2 earpieces and 1 charging station that will charge both radios. 


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  • Are the batteries rechargeable?

    Yes, a rechargeable battery pack is included with each radio.  It will also take AAA batteries.  We always recommend keeping a pack of the AAA's in your bag....just in case.

  • We are a crew of 5, but these are only sold in pairs so what do we do with the extra radio?

    Many crews keep the 6th radio as a backup either in the lockerroom or with the chain crew.  We have also met several crews who like to give the 6th radio to the clock operator for easy communication.  If you give that 6th radio to someon just remember to get it back!

  • Are these compatible with other walkie talkie?

    Any model or brand that support FRS and/or GMRS use the same open frequencies and are compatible with one another. Simply set all radios to the same channel number and privacy code, and you will be able to communicate. It is best to do a radio check during your pre-game to ensure that you are on a clear channel.

  • Are these waterproof?

    They're water resistant to light rain. 

  • Very interested in buying three sets of these radios. How big are the units, I could not really tell by the picture. Just wanted to see if they can fit on the back of the belt or side easily without being in the way. Thanks, Dwain, Roswell, NM

    They are very compact. The radio itself is 4” and the antenna adds about another 2”. 

  • Can you purchase seperate chargers as well from you directly?

    Yes you can. Here is the direct link:

  • We misplaced a headset to one of our midland radios. Is a headset available for purchase without buying another pair of radios?


      We do have just the headsets for sale without buying the radio itself. The price is $34.00. You would have to call into the office to order those with an associate though since we don't have them on the website. Please call 330-564-1082. They come in a 2 pack of headsets.

    Thanks I hope this answers your question.