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Timer Instructions

For complete instructions click here.

Changing The Timer Function
Remove the lid

  • Inside you will see the small DIP switches just above the power switch
  • Switch 1 controls audible/silent. To the left is vibrate only, to the right is audible tone and vibrate.
  • To move the switches use a pen or paperclip. Poke through the film and move the switch.

Use the Following Configurations (Note: Switch 1 is closest to the bottom)

• 25/60 (Silent) - all switches to the left.
• 25/40 (Silent) - Switch 2 to the right, all others left
• 20/120 (Audible) Switches 1 & 3 to the right, all others
to the left
• 20/90 (Silent) Switches 2&3 to the right, all others to the